The Northern Virginia (NoVA) Section Committees:

NoVA Section, a Community based section addresses local needs while impacting communities nationwide, through standing and non standing committees. Standing committees are committees required by the bylaws for the Northern Virginia Section to operate and function. Non Standing communittees are set up for a particular purpose. Through volunteer efforts, we help lead, develop, and provide service for women supporting their families and communities.

Finance and Budget Committee: Chair, Sharon Goode

Prepares the budget for the fiscal year, which begins the first day of October and ends the 30th day of September. Ensures the section operates within its budget as well as amendments to the budget which could be adopted by a majority vote.

Ways and Means Committee: Chair, Alotta Taylor

Receive oversight from the Second Vice President. Shall Ascertain from the Finance Committee the financial needs of the Section for the current year; Propose fund raising activities for the purpose of meeting the financial needs of the Section. Each year, is responsible for planning at least two (2) activities.

Bethune-Height Recognition Program: Chair, Cathy Riddick Brown

Responsible for representing the Northern Virginia (NoVA) Section by supporting NCNW National Mid Atlantic Bethune Recognition Annual Luncheon and achievers Program and other activities.

Cheerios Committee: Chair, Cherie Furlow

On behalf of the Section, appropriate expressions of sympathy or concern in the form of a card, flowers and/or monetary contribution in the event of the illness or death of a Section member or the death of an immediate family member of a Section member. Funds for such expressions are solicited from Section members at each monthly meeting and/or in the annual budget.

Communication/ Website Committee: Chair, LaToya P. Robinson

Develop and maintain official section member mailings list, email distribution and all resource lists. Serve as support to website developers to ensure website postings.

Health and Nutrition Committee: Co-Chairs, Gloria Crawford & Frances Stallings & Felicia Hackett

Implements the Sections annual Health Fair, to be held in the spring of each fiscal year, for the benefit of the Northern Virginia Community.

International Committee: Chair, Deborah Foreman-Speller

Work in conjunction with the National Office in the development of international programs and to initiate and facilitate programs that develop relationships with women of other countries and/or cultures.

Legislative and Political Action Committee: Chair, Marjorie Hackett

Implements voter registration activities for the Section in the years of national and Virginia state-wide elections, to apprise the Section of non-partisan political, and civic activities throughout the greater Washington, D. C. metropolitan area.

Outreach Committee:

Implements activities, programs, and/or events to help meet the needs and support the Northern Virginia communities of Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Springfield, and surrounding areas.

Alexandria – Cathy Riddick-Brown; Arlington – Sharon Goode; Falls Church/Bailey’s Shelter Community – Clara Marshall; Fairfax – Rita Graham/Janice Adams ; Springfield – Clara Marshall

Publicity Committee: Chair, TBD

Prepare public notices, flyers, emails, of the Section’s activities, contact news services, radio, and prepare press releases for distribution.

Social Committee: Chair, Cherie Furlow

To develop, plan, and implement, during each fiscal year, at least one social event for Section members, and/or Section members and members of other NCNW Sections in the greater Washington, D. C. metropolitan area.

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